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I was renting a room in a house until 2 months ago in Los Angeles,

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I was renting a room in a house until 2 months ago in Los Angeles, California. I moved out of the house because I was suspecting that my landlord who also lives in a house was growing marijuana inside the house in a room. My question is, will I prosecuted for simply living there while illegal growing operation was happening in the same house? Like I said, I don't live there anymore and I was not involved in any illegal activities my landlord was engaging in.
Hi! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be the attorney assisting you.

No, you won't be charged and prosecuted for just for "living there". You were a victim of circumstances and didn't know what you were moving into.

You would have to be involved in some way with the illegal activity - cultivating, distributing.

Just being around an illegal activity does not make you guilty of anything. It's like when there are people in a store when a robbery occurs. They are not guilty unless they somehow aid and abet the robbery.

From your stated facts and circumstances - you are criminally guilty of nothing.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your response. I understand what you are saying. Will I be prosecuted as failure to report it to police when I suspect the illegal operation? I do not wish to report it to police because I am afraid that the landlord will try to revenge and threatens my safety.
No. That's just it - you "suspected" it and aren't positive.

You don't want to say you were sure.

An accessory must have knowledge that a crime is being, or will be committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way, or simply by failing to report the crime to proper authority.

Since you only suspected - didn't know for certain - then you can't be liable as an accessory.

I don't see any criminal liability on your part.
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