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My daughter had a lease for an apartment. An acquaintance of

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My daughter had a lease for an apartment. An acquaintance of her bought a house and asked her to move into his house so he could get a rent to help with his mortgage. In order to do this my daughter broke her lease and paid the appropriate penalty. They agreed to try for 3 months to see if they get along and did a 3 month lease. Assuming they get along she would then sign a 12 month lease.
The acquaintance KNEW my daughter had a dog and had to break her lease.
Now 6 weeks in he has told my daughter she needs to get rid of the dog or move out at the end of the lease. Which while douchie , I guess is legal..... In any case now if my daughter puts on a fan he shuts it off complaining that his electric is the dog must stay outside ....anything she does he complains about.............My question is for the time my daughter has left on the lease how much can he tell her not to do if it isnt expressly excluded in her lease , like putting a fan on when hot , taking a bath or keeping the dog inside?
I am a professional here to assist you. I appreciate your use of this service. Your daughter can only be restricted to the exact language in the lease and no more. The landlord cannot make additional restrictions. The landlord would have no recourse to evict based on the new restrictions as they are not lease violations.
Please follow-up as needed. I appreciate your use of this service. Please take a moment to leave a positive service rating so that I am credited with assisting you.
Thank you
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