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I am in a lease/contract as a independent contractor at a salon.

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I am in a lease/contract as a independent contractor at a salon. My work environment is very hostile and the landlords daughter (acts as owner) has been using my products as well as the other renters products without asking. The salon is filthy when she is working. They are not providing trash bags and other necessary items for the common areas. She decided to redecorate 2 months ago and never finished painting or patching the broken trim around my station. In my contract it mentions quiet enjoyment. When I did speak up I was ostracized and have been treated like a traitor. They even placed a security camera above my station after the altercation happened. i have been taking pictures and my fellow booth renters feel the same.This has been affecting my work (because I don't want to be there) as well as my clientele is hearing from others the gossip she is spreading about me as well as my home life. My lease is up in January. I know I need to buy out of my lease but is there a way of doing it that wont give them booth rental for the remainder of the year but possibly a few months while they are looking? I'm so frustrated and lost.
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

I am very sorry that you are in this situation. Have you brought up the fact to them that you wish to leave? Have you potentially requested to be released from the agreement?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I haven't yet on,y because I have seen so many stylists come and go from there and they never chase them down for their booth rent. I like to follow the law especially contracts. I'm literally biding my time for two reasons one to find a new location and two to avoid the giant explosion it will cause. I thought if I could come in a little more educated then I could be prepared if they filed a lawsuit against me.

Thank you for your follow-up, L.

The reason I ask is because there are only a few limited ways to get out of this lease. The most major and easiest is usually outright release, that is, having the landlord to release you early, possibly for a small fee. An another option would be for you to check your lease terms and see if they are in violation. So far I see that you are working in an uncomfortable place, but if the premises are still open (and not blocked) to you, or that you are still able to work, it is a tough argument to make that you are being denied your lease terms. If you disagree, you can still go to court and seek a termination, as that is an another way out, but at least so far I see limited options to prevail under such conditions.

I agree that following the law helps you. Here, the law is purely based on contractual terms, ie the written word. What is in your contract rules the terms, and if you do end up finding a new location, then consider speaking with them about a potential release.

Good luck.

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