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We are wanting to expand our current RV repair business to

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We are wanting to expand our current RV repair business to include RV rentals. How do we go about finding someone who can write our contracts?? Also if we are renting on a month to month basis, are we required to give a notice? We are in Louisiana.

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You can find an attorney to write the contracts for you at, or you can visit the local library or a stationary store to get form contracts. You might be able to find something that would suit your needs without paying an attorney to write it for you.

When renting on a basis that has a specific ending date, you wouldn't need to give a notice. So, if the contract said that you were renting "from October 1 - October 31," the contract itself is notice that the contract terminates at the end of October. If you're talking about month-to-month rentals, like with a regular lease, you are required to give ten days written notice prior to the end of the month.

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