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If a landlord allows you to move in a house and bedbugs attack

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If a landlord allows you to move in a house and bedbugs attack your family and he does not want to spray knowing he promised to remove his belongings (old couches,clothing,office supplies house supplies in third garage for a 1 yr. and still didn't remove.) I held the rent and he is asking me to leave , my furniture is ruin and my grands will be homeless because no one will let me rent without having proof the bugs are gone. I moved from next door after my husband passed without bugs and this house is enfected and landlord refuses to comply. What will happen to us? I am a grandmother with orphaned grands we don't have a lot of money ss,and pension. How can I sue him for destroying my property (5 bedrooms ) and the bites on my family?
Hello and thank you for the question. I am sorry to read of this dilemma.
Do you have a rough ballpark for the amount of your damages?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Everywhere I go to rent no one will accept. They want the landlord to show proof he has gotten rid of bugs and they will accept my family. If not I will need at least 5,000. for recover of my family beds and clothing.
Have you considered then having a lawyer pursue those damages plus additional expenses suing on contingency fee basis? would you like a directory for doing?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes. and are fantastic directories.
You want a lawyer locally and one who handles landlord tenant and/or civil litigation.
The lawyer would work on contingency so only paid if and when he recovers for you.
Its a no lose proposition and puts pressure on landlord to settle and do it quickly
Good luck.
I wish you a quick resolution and good fortune finding a new home without issues.
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