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mother was living on my property in a mobile home. abandoned

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mother was living on my property in a mobile home. abandoned the trailer and moved into an apartment 3 hours away 2 months ago. Do I need to evict her even though she was never a renter nor paid me any money
Thank you for your question.

Generally speaking even a non-paying tenant still has to be formally evicted from the premises if they refuse to leave on their own. In your situation, however, it appears that your mother already moved out and 'abandoned' the premises when she moved into a different apartment. In that situation there is no need to further evict her since she already vacated the premises voluntarily (unless you wish to evict her from the apartment if you own that property also).

Hope that helps.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank You for your help. She is using the fact that she has a trailer there to manipulate the power company and other agencies by saying she owns the property and we are trouble makers. Would you suggest persuing this through legal channels by either an "eviction" is there any other options/
Thank you for your follow-up, Seana.

If she has a trailer on the premises but does not reside there anymore, you can physically remove the trailer if you wish. She has no inherent right to the property, and if she physically no longer resides there, you do not owe a duty to her to keep the trailer there. You can choose to move it elsewhere, and frankly bill her for the towing. That may get rid of most of the issues right there.

Good luck.
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