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Is is legal for a landlord in Pennsylvania to raise my rent

Resolved Question:

Is is legal for a landlord in Pennsylvania to raise my rent $75.00 a month. I am living here since 2002. My rent started out at $325.00 a month with a $25.00 raise last year making my monthly rent $350.00. When I first rented I had a one year lease agreement. My rent included sewer and garbage (to be paid by landlord). I pay all other utilities. The sewer and garbage rates were raised. I received a letter from my landlord stating she is raising my rent from $350.00 a month to $425.00. Her breakdown is as follows: Broken down rent is $371.83 a month, Sewage is $35.67 a month, Garbage is $17.50 a month. Instead of adding the increased rates of the sewer and garbage, she took the whole amount for the year and added it to my rent besides the $21.83 rent increase. I only had a lease for the first year and never signed another. Sewer and garbage was always included in my rent. Is this legal?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Flagbridge-ADR replied 9 years ago.

As you do not have a lease the landlord is allowed to increase the rent provided they give you notice and the opportunity to "quit" or leave.

They are not allowed to increase the rent in an effort to drive you out, or as retaliation for enforcing you legal rights.

Beware you do not have a lease, so the landlord is allowed to give you notice to leave, as the term of your lease is over and you are now on month to month (hold over).

The increase provided proper notice has been granted is legal. I would suggest you renegotiate a longer lease to protect yourself from increases in future.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I was told by someone that a landlord cannot raise your rent more than $25.00 a year in Pennsylvania. This increase is $900.00 a year.
Expert:  Flagbridge-ADR replied 9 years ago.

PA Code Title 68 governs landlord tenant issues. There are local laws in Hamburg and Pittsburgh and Philly.

There is no State wide that limits the rent increases on the end of a lease or for a Hold Over tenant.

There is no Rent Control for PA as a whole.

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