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Category: Kia
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Experience:  proprietor at port steering & alignment
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My neighbour wants to know if a tyre 31x10.5R15 will fit on

Customer Question

hi my neighbour wants to know if a tyre 31x10.5R15 will fit on a standard rim (car is a kia sportage )as his tyres are 245x75r15 or will they pop off the rim being to big thank you max
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  discostew replied 1 year ago.

Hi max , the issues here are not so much the rim width / diameter , but 1) the outer diameter of the 31 is going to bit too big for a sportage (wont fit in the gaurds or will rub when the steering is turned ) 2) the wheel rim & tyre size that are able to be fitted to the sportage will be shown on the tyre placard inside the drivers door , if you fit tyres/rims other than listed on this placard you have created a vehicle that ( without independant engineering certification) is now non compliant with registration (will / should fail rego inspection ), non compliant with insurance requirements , can be deemed defective by any h'way patrol & defected ie dont drive it till it is compliant , not to mention the effect it will have on braking performance , speedo reading , an upset to transmission please ....regardless of what is telling you ....dont do it ,cheers ***** ***** be impossible to achieve correct wheel alignment / good tyre wear....again not recommended ,stew