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I have a 2011 kia sorento - 2.4 liter motor. At 2100-2200

Customer Question

I have a 2011 kia sorento - 2.4 liter motor. At 2100-2200 rpm under very light throttle when it is cold, it made a clattering sound. noise went away when engine warmed up and otherwise ran fine. Dealer diagnosed it as main bearing failure, by sending sound bites and oil to kia corporate for diagnosis(oil had metal shavings in it or so they said from main bearings). Kia provided dealer a short block and head, they installed this under warranty and they provided me a loaner car free of charge. Plus KIA extended the bumper to bumper warranty for 3 additional years after the 5 yr bumper to bumper expires and 36k additional miles.. Got the car back 2 days ago after 2months in the shop waiting for the parts. Well with new short block and head-- the car still makes this rattling noise at light throttle when cold at 2200 rpm. From the very start of this I thought it was the catalytic convertor. Before they tore the engine out of the car, I told them to just bolt in a cat and lets try it. These knuckleheads said no, we have to do what corporate tells us -- Whats your opinion?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 1 year ago.

I doubt it would be the actual catalytic converter making the noise but it could be a heat shield or a flex pipe issue, that is usually what sounds like that under light throttle are. Not sure how they could mistake that for a main bearing though. Have you always used Kia oil filters? There is a bulletin out about noise in the engine when using non oem oil filters.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They checked the heat shield it was that. And I always used Kia oil filters and had oil changed by dealer
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I looked under the car and I see the flex pipe.
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 1 year ago.
they checked the heat shield and that was what was making the noise?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The dealer said it was not the heat shield. That's when the dealer started going down the path with the manufacturer of main bearing failure. sending in sound bites of the noise, sending in oil for analysis by the manufacturer. then kia told the dealer to replace the motor with a long block covered under warranty. I get the car back 2 months, later and it makes the same noise. I saw the techs, remove the old engine and they removed intake and exhaust manifold installed those parts on the long block and reinstalled the engine. I documented it all with photographs. So I know the dealer is on the up and up.
The car still makes the rattling noise from the motor when cold at light throttle and 2100- 2200 rpm. goes away when warmed up. It has to be in the catalytic convertor or the flex pipe as you say.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am not sure, your advice is worth the 18 bucks charge. its nothing earth shattering that I didn't tell the dealer prior to then yanking the motor out.
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 1 year ago.
Ok well if you aren't satisfied just please do not give me a negative rating, I don't get paid at all unless you give me a positive rating but a negative rating hurts me. Also just so you know the experts don't get anywhere near the full amount you pay.