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Randall C
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Going to change trans fluid on 2011 sorento plug had very

Customer Question

going to change trans fluid on 2011 sorento plug had very little magnetic particles and when squezed between fingers they disappeared and could feel no grit nor metal. will any sp 111 synthetic fluid be ok? like Valvoline max life multi vehicle this is first service 133000 will also put in quart of lukus trans fix as solenoid sticks sometimes. Concerned about disk integrity. Oil dark reddish brown but no burn smell.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Randall C replied 1 year ago.

Hello, ok first I would NOT use any other fluid beside Max Life or the Kia Sp-111. or any fluid marked Sp-111. I dont know all of them, I think Castrol has one and Mercon V is compatable to Sp-111, you have to lookk close at that on each, I recommend the Max Life as the alternate. iT is safe to use 100%.It just is not designed for any other, so, metal is not always what you will get, you get the fibre type with some metal in at the plug which is usually clutch material and sounds like from your description.Additives? well as a last resort? can not hurt at that stage. . I mean, I would not put additive in till try fresh fluid first,I too would be initially concerend about the discs, really the only step to do at this point is the fluid as yours does not sound real good.Hard not being there but we see this fluid thing all the time in the shop, I do work for Kia but we are always supplied with the Kia fluid

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok so lets recap. There is no grit, fine metal, or any abrasive stuck to the magnetic plug. There was something black goo stuff that when squished between my fingers smeared and felt like grease but no grit. There was a very small amount so I am thinking that the disc and hard parts are intact. The main concern now is varnish coating the solenoids and they sticking when shifting. Now I could pull them and clean them but I was hoping an additive would work and Lucus doesn't change the composition of trans fluid as far as a detergent issue. This is an intermittent issue happens 3 or 4 times daily and has been ongoing for 100,000 miles according to prior owner. Since I don't have a machine to suck out oil what is the DIY way to remove the oil without mixing the old with the new.
Expert:  Randall C replied 1 year ago.

well I tried to explain the best I could, I said additives are ok, but I would hold off till fluid change and see what happens I knew what you menat about the sludge, That generally is clutch material, even if slight, To change fluid? the proper way is to have it full exchanged on a machine, this get it out of the torque converter as well, You can only do a drain and fill which changes only about 2/3 of the fluid, here is a file on how to check, drain fill etc

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have a few more questions. The rough shift between 2nd and third being the stuck solenoid you didn't comment on. This has been a long standing complaint from kia owners and this truck has been checked 4 times for this complaint and due to it being an intermittent problem could never be replicated hense was never repaired. SEEMS LIKE KIA never got to the root of the problem and just replaced rather than repaired this issue when it arose. Now I can respect your mechanical ability but DIY at home is a little different than at the shop and your advice should be focused on that aspect. For instance Valvoline gave me a proceedure to get 95% oil changed instead of 2/3 like you recommended. The schematic you provided is for a v6 not for the 2.4 awd hense the fill hole location is different. I can only conclude that you can only provide general not indepth knowledge of the a6mf2 transmission and more specific info is what I needed.