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Kiatech, Kia Master Technician
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Experience:  30+ years experience,ASE certified,KIA certified Master Technician,Ford factory trained
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Kia Rio LX: My 2008 Kia Rio seems like it is not getting enough

Customer Question

My 2008 Kia Rio seems like it is not getting enough gas or the injectors are clogged I took it to the Mechanic and he tried new injectors and it seem fine for a while then my engine light went back to jumping and started to flash again. Machanic claims when he hooks it to a machine it tells him nothing. After days of being at his shop he just now has told me to come pick up my vehical and take it back to Kia dealer for a enging recall claiming I need some kind of computer plug. I have searched recall's and the only one I can fine close to my issue is SEPTEMBER 2008 -- 08V459. I have had nothing but trouble since the BP gas issue in 2011/2012 not sure anymore I took it back to Bob Rhoman Kia, It was fixed for a while then I needed 3 coil wires fixed from 2012 to 2014 not all at the sametime. mid 2014 I paid 1,900 dollars for some new pins in my engine, I'm guessing mabe I should have got a whole new ingine. 2 weeks later light is back on and not getting gas every time I fill up my tank or it is on Empty my engine light would start jumping and flashing.What could it be. I am over 100,000 miles but they are hightway miles I have a 60 mile cummute daily. I keep the oil changed.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Kia
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
could this be the nipple issue ? still waiting on a response all day.
Expert:  mr. b. rector replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I apologize for the delay. I would have the fuel tank inspected closely. It seems that most of the issues revolve around to BP fuel condition you mentioned. Remove the fuel pump assembly and inspect the inside bottom of the fuel tank. Check for sediment in the bottom. Have that checked out and reply back to me if any further assistance is needed. Thanks for letting me help, Mr. B