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Kia Spectra: I have a 2003 kia spectra that is losing electrical

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I have a 2003 kia spectra that is losing electrical power on hour by hour basis. I am serve in the military and had been gone for nine months. When I got home I naturally went through the standard maintenance that should be required after sitting that long without running. I replaced the battery and alternator and drove the car for about three weeks just fine. I then had the check engine light come on so checked it out and it read for a bad TPS. I replaced the TPS and about a week later the electrical system was dying again. Thinking that maybe I had left a light on I ran the car around for a little bit to charge the system up again. It went another couple of days without a problem and then the check engine light came back on with the TPS being the issue again. Then the electrical system started going dead again. Every couple of hours the electrical system will die out again but now when I get the car started, whether bump starting or jumping, the electrical system is completely bogged down with dimmed lights and all... Even when staying on the throttle to keep it running it wants to die. After a few minutes the electrical system comes back online fully charged and am able to drive around, but as soon as the car is turned back off the power dies back out and the process starts over... I had the battery recharged and replaced the alternator ( the alt. had it's electrical terminal fried for some reason.) Thinking that the issue had been resolved I just came home from running around and when I went to start the engine the electrical system was dead again and went through the steps of revving the engine just to keep it running until I received power back again... What do I need to do get both the electrical system from draining out and fix the TPS as well?
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The charging system issue is going to be caused by an alternator issue. There is a TSB out about this condition. This TSB talks about upgrading to a higher capacity alternator. It goes from the normal 80 amp alternator to a 110 amp alternator and using a battery insulator to help with this condition. It is TSB labeled "1.8 Liter Sephia/Spectra Charging System" number 17 volume 3.

There is also a PCM update to fix your TPS code. This will reprogram your computer to allow for wider parameters and will prevent this TPS code from coming back. It is TSB number "3/ENGINE021".

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