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Randall C
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Kia spetra: the blower does not automatically come on when

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the blower does not automatically come on when it is turned on, AC/Heat or defrost. If you kick the area under the clove box in the right spot it will turn on and work until you turn off the fan again or the vehicle.
Hello, my name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you with your question
Very sorry of the delay as i was offline last night, noticed your post this am
Kia has had a rather common problem of blower motors sticking
By kicking int hat area you are jarring the blower just enough to get it running again
To date this has always been the problem but,, one cant rule out a connection problem like at the blower ( wiring connector)
To help confirm, next time it stops, kepp blower on high and key on.. hist on the face of the blower up under the dash, if it comes on, this is near 100% the blower is failing and will need a new one
It is changed from up under dash and the screws holding and it and it slips down and out of the car as shown
We have changed quite a few blowers in Kias over the years

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