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Randall C
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Kia: how do you get half shafts out

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how do you get half shafts out
Hello, my name is Randall.
Please do not keep opening new posts. You have 3 open now. I replied to your first post
I need to have 2 posts closed as duplicates. Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I didn't want to keep posting but the site kept asking me the same things and I did not get an answer

Its takes a little bit for us to respond. have to type and send so,, the post came through and I asked, auto trans or manual trans? Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

automatic, sorry

Ok, Hard not being there to help but,, to answer you? yes, 100% they pop out. each are held by a small circlip on end of the shaft
Normally one prybar is used as shown to wedge in and give a quick snap and the axlews pop out
Now,, some can be a little more difficult/stubborn asthe clip tend to hold it a bit tighter
what happen when using one prybar is the axle is pryed on an angle and it sticks on the clip some
In this case? you need to use 2 prybars, as close to opposite each other as you can
Wedge BOTH in place, the grab hold of each prybar and do a quick snap EVENLY on both prybars
This allows the axle to pop out more straight then being pryed off on an angle

They will come out. Sometimes takes a little more effort to pop them out

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