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Kia Spectra EX: I have a 2004 1/2 (2005 model sold in 2004)

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I have a 2004 1/2 (2005 model sold in 2004) Kia Spectra. The speedometer/odometer stops working when the car is hot, also the fuel gage stops working occasionally. The automatic transmission shifts fine, so I am assuming the speed sensors are functioning properly. Does this sound like an instrument cluster problem? or a wire harness issue?
hello, I would say most definitely the cluster, I was just looking over the schematics and they do not have any connection together except the cluster. Now that is if you don't have two separate issues. I have seen fuel level sender issues with the 2004 ld model spectra. I have not seen any issues with this model with an intermittent speedo problem. What I have seen is the speedo not working at all. If you would like to address the two problems separately, we can go that route. Let me know what you would like to do, thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX wondering if they had anything in common other than the cluster. The speedometer works when the car is cool or it is cool outside, when the air temp is above 90 or so it stops working even with "cool" engine. The fuel gage issue started at the same time the speedometer issue did. The fuel gage seems to work fine when the tank is more than 1/4 full, but when it gets to 1/4 tank it drops to E and then back to 1/4 and back to E and so on. This has happened the last two times my tank got to about 1/4 full, and the speedometer was not working at the time.


Could this be two separate issues? or would you recommend replacing the cluster?

well the cluster is quite expensive. also if you wanted the correct mileage, it has to be sent out to a vendor, most likely palo alto calf. there you would incur more cost on top of the cluster. Yes it could be separate, more likely it has a bad cluster. Let me know if you want to go further with diagnosing, if not would you please kindly rate my answer, thanks.
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