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mr. b. rector, kia master tech
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Kia Sportage EX: Hi I keep losing the sound of my radio either

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Hi I keep losing the sound of my radio either when im listening to the music of my iphone ( with bluetooth) or just the radio
Hello, I see you have a 2012 sportage, what type of phone do have exactly, and does your vehicle have navigation?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Iphone 5
No navigation
Hello, there has been a lot of issues with the Iphone 5 and the computability with the late model kia vehicles. Do you have a kia dealer some what close to you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Like i said even the fm radio does not work... I have no sound at all!!!

My apologies I misread the complete issue you were having. check out the antenna base. replace if needed, they have a lot of issues with the base assembly. You will need to remove the plastic snaps that hold the rear of your headliner up, very carefully pull down just far enough to access the underside of the antenna base. check for a good connection on both antenna leads. also try loosing up the retaining nut that holds base down and retightening, this will insure a good ground. I have had to replace many of the bases for this same issue. check that out and get back with me.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My Iphone using the bluetooth would work if it was a problem with the antena, no?? The antena is there to get radio signals?
ok, the audio unit, which has an antenna, your Iphone which has an antenna, internal antenna that is , they both receive signal via the antenna, when you engage Bluetooth on your audio unit, and on your iphone they are both connected via a signal, that signal comes from an antenna, your iphone sends a signal out searching to pair up with another unit. it finds that signal via an antenna. I have been rated bad service two other times since I have been with, both of those times I have been correct with my diagnosis. If you would please sir or mam, If I prove to be right would you kindly change the rating you have given me. This rating affects me directly and every customer in my future sees this rating. I know I cant be right 100 % of the time, but I strive to make the right decisions always, thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Opps I am sorry!! I did not want to cause you any trouble!! well I went to my kia dealer and they are going to change the whole system since it is under warranty!! They did not tell me what was the problem and I did not ask... Thank you!!! And again I am sorry