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Kia Sedona LX: I have a 2005 kia Sedona lx. I just had the

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I have a 2005 kia Sedona lx. I just had the power steering pump replaced and I've replaced the front breaks within the past week. The steering is hard to turn, some parts of the turn are easy while it fills like it sticks during other parts of the turn. There is also a squeak when the wheel is turned to the right.
Good morning!
I have seen several Kia models which developed sticking/ binding universal joints in the steering shaft (between the bottom of the steering column and the steering rack). Try looking under the dash on the drivers side and you should be able to see this shaft. Disconnect it from the column and see if the flexible joint moves smoothly; if it sticks or binds that is likely the source of the problem you are having.
here is a link to one I found for sale online so you can see what the part looks like><yp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar

I hope this is helpful!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ill give that a shot. It looks new. Is that a part replaced when the dealer replaces the power steering? Is there a chance the pulley, tensior and belt for the p/s could cause this also. If so i may try and replace them all at once.
If the serpentine belt that drives the power steering pump is slipping that could also give you a sensation of binding intermittently, usually it would be accompanied by a loud squeal from the rubber belt slipping on the pulley. If you are getting a slight squeak during rotation that might be a steering shaft.
What you might try is to have someone sit in the car and rotate the steering wheel while you investigate under the hood to see if the sound is indeed coming from the belt area.
If the noise is belt related you may have a weak belt tensioner, glazing of the belt from previous slippage, or the mechanic that replaced the power steering pump may have contaminated teh belt with oil or grease during the repair. So, if the noise is belt related you may want to return to the mechanic that did the PS pump repair to hopefully have him take care of it under warranty.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Last follow up. The squeek only happens at speeds above 35 mph and after the vehicle has been driven for ~15 min. There is no squeek when i turn the wheel of the van while it is sitting still. The noise only occurs while driving and only when the wheel is turned to the right.
Diagnosing the source of intermittent noises over the internet is difficult at best; so I cannot tell you exactly where the noise you are hearing is originating. However, if it sounds like it is coming from outside the car, under the hood, it is quite possibly belt related.
If the sound only occurs above certain vehicle speeds, outside the car, and only on right turns might it be possible that you are hearing a tire squeal? If your tires are worn unevenly and the noise is NOT originating from the belt area, you may have an alignment issue. Perhaps a passenger who is listening with the window down while the noise is occurring can tell you whether it is coming from the wheel area or not.
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