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Kia 2012: My MIL light came on. I want to know if I can still

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My MIL light came on. I want to know if I can still drive my Kia Sorrento (2012)


yes........typically you can still drive, as long as you do not notice any noises or rough running or shifting.
When the MIL comes on, it stores Trouble Codes to be retrieved to aid in the Repair & Cause
It is always best to have the vehicle Scanned for Trouble Codes prior to any Repair, so you will have an insight as to the problem.

Many Auto Parts Stores will Scan for Free & give you a copy of the Trouble Codes to help aid in Repair
It is best to get the vehicle Scanned at your earliest convienence


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Being the weekend I can' t take it to be checked & I must use the car for work. You do not think I will do permanent damage do you?


As long as there is NO noticeable noises or rough running or shifting.

Many Auto Parts Stores are open on Sunday also.


The MIL is there to inform you that it needs to be checked & typically is not something that will cause damage

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is this common on Kia vehicles? Should I expect this to happen often?


MIL light is supposed to come on when there is a problem.
It is NOT unusual & is really a help to make the owner aware of potential problems "before" they get worse.

This is likely a Sensor, which is somewhat typical, but you do need to have vehicle Scanned prior to Repairs, so shop is aware that you know what could be the cause