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I have a 02 kia sportage and the car doesnt run, it turns

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I have a 02 kia sportage and the car doesn't run, it turns over. The ECM is not grounding the the fuel pump relay and there is no spark. I am trying to find out what the triggers are for the ECM. And what could cause these symptoms.
Hello and thank you for your question today!
The cam and crank sensors are what will make the spark and fuel injectors pulse. The fuel pump won't normally turn on for more then a couple of seconds if there is no cam signal.
Sometimes a broken timing belt will cause these symptoms, so if you haven't looked at it, that is probably the best place to start, as long as the check engine light is coming on with the key on.
Hope this helps!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If the fuel pump is not coming on at all?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Should have included this also, how do you check the crank shaft sensor signal, can I just use a an ohm meter on A.C.

I believe on these there should be at least 2 seconds of power to the fuel pump with the key on. If you are not seeing any grounding at all, that would indicate either a broken wire from the ecm or a faulty ecm causing the problem.
For the cam signal on these all you can do is check power, and ground, then continuity on the signal wire without a scope.
But also, normally there would be a code for the crank sensor stored if you have a code reader.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

actually on my diagram there is a ckp and a cmp sensor input. Is the cmp the camshaft sensor input and the ckp the crankshaft sensor input?

These are the ones that would have to be checked for continuity to the ecm from the sensor, that is to make sure the wire isn't broken.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will be testing the car tomorrow and if your info checks out I will finish the with the rating, otherwise I will be emailing you again.

Sounds good, see, the thing here is there is no spark either, so this is pointing to a cam or crank sensor issue and possibly a broken timing belt.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

lead 52 or 54 of the ECM says it is a power lead. There is no power. I need the diagram for that lead to whatever power source it goes to to complete the job

Ok, this is the reason I mentioned the check engine light at the beginning of my post.
54 should get power from the main relay when the key goes on.
The INJ fuse and the main relay fuse should provide power to the relay.
52 should be getting power from the ignition switch in the run position.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the images you left keep changing. I don't know why? I can't see the 54 lead that you left. It's like it is accessing a whole book of images.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The vehicle is not done yet. The ECM power on 54 turned out to be that the box was not grounded. The power was there. There is no ground to the fuel pump and it doesn't run at all. The crankshaft sensor was disconnected, but there still has to be a problem with the ECU because the fuel pump was tested outside the system. Unless the pump was not reconnected. Even then, the relay is never activated.


Maybe next time the information will go smother, but I just wasn't able to get the information when I needed it.


I am a mobile mechanic. Most of the time I haven't needed help like this. Except lately, I have needed it quite a bit in a few instances. So I will see.


Thanks for your halp

Sorry I wasn't online after to get your question about the images. The ecm is in charge of grounding the ful pump relay on these. If the ecm isn't grounding the relay then the ecm is bad or it's a broken wire to the ecm relay.