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Kia Sportage: Hello, back again. Got the codes back from Autozone

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Hello, back again. Got the codes back from Autozone on the 1999 Kia Sportage, here they are
From what my son told me, it seems we need to have a vehicle speed sensor replaced, and a temp sensor replaced. I'm curious if you have an "idea", I understand you can't quote me, but just a high range on the cost of these types of sensors, when he goes to get them replaced, I just want to be aware of what kind of fees we may be looking at...also the vehicle is a manual trans, but doesn't seem to be shifting like it this due to it trying to compensate for these errors that it is "seeing".
Hello, my name isXXXXX is not an automatic transmission? if so, I do not under stand what you mean bty not shifting correctly
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This car is an auto trans.( my bad,I did type manual,sorry for the confusion) By shifting, he's saying that he takes off from a stopped position, and as he is driving the car will go, and after you reach say, 25mph, the rpm's are up to 3000 and then back normal, it feels like it's trying to go to the next gear, but he can't really drive much above 35/40 shifting that's in relation to the feels like it needs to shift but doesn't, I don't know if I'm explaining that exactly right. I guess like it's holding back, can't go really very fast, and I'm guessing that that's because of the sensors needing to be replaced??

I understand now, the problem was use of word "manual trans" that is a huge difference.:) I will work to pull codes, up, research and will get with you as quick as I can in a bit. Thanks
Ok, one code the 1624 is normal, just means the light was set on dash
2 codes for the VSS or vehicle speed sensor
That sensor is located on the side of the transfer case, shown picture #1 .5 hours labor and roughly a $65 part aftermarket, your cost

the other code? temp signal? that one is more tricky. requires more diagnostics but possible coolant temp sensor and and is .6 hours to change and a $25 part

neither is a huge job

the VSS? it signals the computers, trans computer as well as engine computer and if bad? can and will c ause erratic shifting. kind of like described

coolant sensor? generally will not cause shifting concerns, only a richer or leaner running engine


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That's awesome news...thank you thank have been extremely helpful...I mean it!!