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Kia Rio: My son took out a drain plug under the manual transmission..

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My son took out a drain plug under the manual transmission.. Oil came out, then I looked and saw that he didn't even take out the oil drain plug. What plug did he undo? Is there 2 oil drain plugs? There was a little oil that came out of the oil drain.

Hello I will help you with your question,


There is only one drain plug for the trans as shown in the procedure below. What was the other plug that was removed? Can you post a picture?


Click here for procedure


Let me know how I can help


Thank you



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How do I send u a pic??

You can click on the paperclip icon in the toolbar above the posting window and use the popup boxes to navigate to the photo file on your computer then select and click OK. Wait for the file to load if it is large and you should see it in the posting window before you click reply.


If the photo is large you can go to and upload it there and copy the download link then write text in the posting window such as "click here", highlight the text and use the link (looks like a piece of chain) from the toolbar to post the link to the file.


I know this is a pain to do but email is not allowed so we have to jump through these hoops to move files.


Let me know if you have trouble with this


Thank you


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'm having trouble sending the pic... So I think ur saying that we might have drained the gear oil from under the transmission casing.. Where do I add the gear oil? I looked at ur pic but didn't see anything on the car that will let me add oil

The transmission is filled through the dipstick tube with the specified amount (3 quarts) of GL-4 gear oil.


Was the engine drained by mistake or which plug was removed?


You can use any file sharing site such as wikisend, mediafire, flicker etc and post the URL here in the posting window to allow me to go and view it.


Let me know how I can help





Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't have a dip stick for the gear oil. And there wasn't 3 quarts that drained out. This is a 5 speed manual transmission.. Looking at the front of the car, the oil drain plug is on the left and then there is another drain plug on the right. I looked for any kind of fill hole and couldn't find one.. I may have to take it to my mechanic on Monday to see what we did..

Yes, that is correct and that is the procedure I posted. The fill hole is shown in the procedure and I mis spoke when I said dip stick. I meant you need to remove the vehicle speed sensor and fill through its hole.


Are you having trouble posting pictures>


You should not drive this until the fluid is replaced, the differential and bearings will not last long without lubrication.


Please let me know how i can help


Thank you



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok I found the fill hole.. What gear oil should I use??

Use GL-4 which is a 75 - 80 weight oil. If you live inn a warm climate you can use GL-5 which is a 80 - 90 weight oil.


Please let me know how I can help





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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks a million.. Have a good night

I'm glad to help but still concerned what bolt was removed. Some of the bearing supports are bolted through the case and if one was removed you may not be supporting the shafts in the transmission.


If you can post the picture of the bolt location and check the engine oil level I will be glad to check it for you


Please let me know how I can help


Thank you