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Scott, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Kia
Satisfied Customers: 1638
Experience:  Kia owner since 1999, Kia repair since 1995. Have up to date Kia info
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Kia rio: 2003 kio rio will not shiftout of park

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2003 kio rio will not shiftout of park

Scott :

Hello, I am Scott and I will assist you with your vehicle concern.

Scott :

I am assuming the vehicle is starting and idling. When you step on the brake, do you hear a slight "click" coming from the shifter console?

Do you have "Tail brake lights?" If not, check the Stop Fuse 15 amp and Meter fuse 10 amp for voltage at both sides.

Scott :

If you have voltage at the fuses and "Tail" brake lamps, then if you have a test light, we can proceed with diagnostics. I will be here all day, as I am the one cooking the Turkey this year.

I will attach the shiftier interlock schematic below so you can get an idea where we will be going.

Scott :

The shift Interlock bypass should had worked; however, It is a small button, so a smaller screw driver may be needed.

Full Size Image

Customer: No click sound and car is running didn't check for brake lights the e brake light is on and the e brake is in the off position not sure if that matters
Scott :

No. It should still shift out of Part w/ E-brake on. Check the lamps and let me know.

Customer: no clicking sound coming from the console when you push the brake pedal also the emergency brake light is on and the emergency brake is in the off position did not check for the taillights yet
Scott :

Check the lamps and let me know.

Scott :

If they are not lighting with the brake depressed, you could have a faulty brake lamp switch. This is where the test lamp will come into play...

Customer: so if the rear brake lights are out the vehicle will not shift from park to drive using the bypass
Scott :

No, if they do not light, it will tell us if,,,
A. we have no voltage at the brake lamp switch
B. we have a faulty brake lamp sw.
C. we have a faulty Interlock unit in the shifter.

Scott :

This will If they light, then I will send you to a different direction, if they do not light, we start checking the switch.

The shift lock unit gets powered by the Brake lamp sw.

Customer: I am NOT at the vehicle right now so I can't check the brake light situation can we resume this tomorrow around . 9 a.m.
Scott :

Sure. I will be doing gutters; however, I will check in and out. I have my honey do list too. lol

Customer: Tail lights are light. Please advice what next.
Scott :

O.K. Looking at the wiring schematic, you will need to test for battery voltage at the 10 amp meter fuse. If you have that, the next step is to remove the center console and test for battery voltage when the brake is applied at the...

red/black wire {pin 1}
yellow wire {pin 3}
and voltage with no brake applied, power all the time, at the brown wire {pin 4}

Scott :

Pin 2, black wire, is your ground wire. Chances are, this unit is either faulty or stuck, due to age, coffee with cream and sugar or soda if all the voltage and ground is as needed. Yes, it happens a lot.

Scott :

If you are missing voltage at any of the pins, or a ground, let me know. If everything is there, spray some WD 40 or some other lubrication on the shaft and see if that does not help.

Scott :

Oh, if you remember, the wire schematic is about 5 or 6 posts up. Just click on it to enlarge, and I recommend printing it.

Customer: We got it to shift after removing the console and using brake cleaner
Scott :

brake cleaner is very abusive. Since it is shifting, be sure to lubercate it!

Just checking on your progress, and that you did get my message to lubricate the rod.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes. Thanks.

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