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kia spectra: 2003 kia spectra 1.8 L timing belt replacement.

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2003 kia spectra 1.8 L timing belt replacement. Head rebuilt and installed , should the horizontal marks on the I/E cam shaft pulleys align perfectly? The I and E head alignment marks on the pulleys were stamped a little sloppy so not sure which tooth is exactly right
Hello, my name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you with your question

Are you aligning the I and E at the marks on the back t belt cover?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no, the marks are the arrows in head casting ,but almost an inch away.
there are marks at 90 degrees from the I/E stamps which line up when the pulleys are in place,almost.

I am not looking and cant remember each and every application .

If you do have the hash marks horizontal, i have found they are never 100% in line but very close like maybe 1/2 a line off.

The I and E still have to line up like the pic

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

still need to know if the hash marks are more important than the exact

I/E marks on the pulleys, my hash marks are off by almost 1/4 inch when E/I markers are aligned with arrows, but they are stamped very sloppy, like on an angle across teeth and valley.

you do not want to use the hash marks. You want to follow the procedure with I and E at the arrows at rear of pulleys. I am aware of the other marks but do not use them. Need to follow the procedure i sent. here it is in more detail

urn crankshaft so that timing mark on timing belt pulley is aligned with timing mark on engine.


  1. Check that "I" mark on intake camshaft pulley is aligned with mark on cylinder head cover and "E" mark on exhaust camshaft pulley is aligned with mark on cylinder head cover.
Notice: Do not move camshaft or crankshaft once timing marks have been correctly positioned.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

sorry one more question, when both cams are unloaded ,resting state E mark purfect , I XXXXX XXXXXttle off, the hash marks align. Is it normal to have to hold the I cam in place with wrench to keep it at arrow to install belt? it wants to turn back to to hash alignment?

yes,, it is normal. as long as nothing elas was disturbed, cam gears not removed etc,, you will have to hold the spring of a cam gear some
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