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sedona: check engine light came..transmission fluid temp sensor

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I have an 05 sedona with 89000 miles. This morning the check engine light came on, it does not run noticably different than usual. My mechanic says according to the codes it's an non functioning 02 sensor, bad transmission fluid temp sensor, and a third electric issue I can't seem to remember. I noticed when I left that the lights on the overhead dvd player are on at all times until I remove the key. Is there one particular issue that could cause all this? Had drive belts and timing belt changed about a month ago, light came on today, don't think it's related.

internal88 :

Hello and welcome to justanswer.

internal88 :

No, the check engine light only come on if any of the emission or engine management sensors are faulty.

internal88 :

Therefore the light on the DVD player has nothing to do with it.

internal88 :

Can you find out the other code so I can define it for you.

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Hello, the the heated oxygen sensor senses the oxygen concentration in exhaust gas, converts it into a voltage, which is sent to the ECM. The oxygen sensor outputs about 1 V when the air fuel ratio is richer than the theoretical ratio, and outputs about 0 V when the ratio is leaner (higher oxygen concentration in exhaust gas.). The ECM controls the fuel injection ratio based on this signal so that the air fuel ratio is maintained at the theoretical ratio. The oxygen sensor has a heating element which ensures the sensor performance during all driving conditions. You cannot really feel the affect buth the mpg will decrease.

The temperature sensor for the transmission is important. You should get this fix. This is the sensor that communicate with the computer. It can affect the shift pattern, hydraulic pressure control in shifting. The part cost $25. It is located near the transmission pan.

Once you get the other code - Come back here I can help you out.

Like I stated before the DVD player and timing belt has nothing to do with it.

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