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2006 Kia Spectra EX: automatic transmission..The speedometer..bouncing

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I have a 2006 Kia Spectra EX with automatic transmission. The speedometer is working intermittently. At any given time, it either (a) is working, (b) just reads zero, or (c) is drifting between some numbers (bouncing around a bit). I took it to the dealer but they couldn't fix it because while it was in their care, it didn't fail. It doesn't seem to be heat related or anything like that.

Anyone know what causes this and how to fix? I can probably fix it myself if I know what to change. Thanks!
you have a bad output speed sensor on the transmission or bad connection to that sensor.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Another piece of information: the check engine light does not come on in this case and I was told by a mechanic that if the output speed sensor was faulty, the check engine light would come on. Also, according to my Haynes manual, only the manual transmission has the speed sensor on it (?). Could you confirm that? Thanks.

The new 2006 Fed. spec. and all 2007 Spectra automatic transaxle vehicles are
equipped with a new A4CF2 transaxle. This transaxle does not have a VSS.
The instrument cluster receives the vehicle speed signal from the TCM. The TCM
receives the primary vehicle speed signal from the Output Speed Sensor, the
back-up signal is the Input Speed Sensor. Finally the ECM receives a vehicle
speed signal from the RH wheel
speed sensor
that is used if there is no signal from the TCM. To diagnose a
speedometer problem do the following:

1. Check for vehicle speed data from the ECM / TCM with the scan tool or GDS.
If the signal exists there is a poor connection between the TCM and the
instrument cluster.

2. Check the circuit from TCM pin 53 through JC01 pin 16 to JC03 pin 25 to
connector MF02 pin 15 to M24 / M25 pins 14 and 12 to instrument cluster M08-2
pin 5. There have been some reports of poor pin tension at the engine room
junction box connectors JC01 and JC03.

3. In a few cases there is a pulsed signal from the transaxle Output Speed
Sensor to the TCM but no output from the TCM on pin 53. If you're sure the
signal goes into the TCM and does not come out, a new TCM is required.

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