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KIA Sorento EX Hi how are today My airbag light on the dash

Resolved Question:

Hi how are today? My airbag light on the dash would not go out even though the fuse is good.This is a 2005 Kia sorento
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Eric replied 6 years ago.


The Airbag warning light only comes on when the SRS control module has detected a fault in the SRS system. This can be due to a faulty crash sensor, faulty airbag, faulty seat belt pre-tensioner, open/short in SRS wiring harness, or a fault control module.

The only way for this light to be turned off is repair the fault. The only way to know which of the several potential causes is the problem is to have the SRS control module read with a SRS capable diagnostic scanner and then the fault repaired.

Please note that as long as that warning light is on, the SRS may not work as intended - this means that in the event of an accident, one or more of the airbags may not deploy, the seat belts might fail, or the airbags could even deploy while driving down the road. So this is a safety issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible
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Expert:  Eric replied 6 years ago.

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