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Kia Sedona Hello. I am getting a creaking/popping noise when

Resolved Question:

Hello. I am getting a creaking/popping noise when shifting from P to D. Tried replacing CV shaft and noise still present. I was wondering if you may have any suggestions for this. 05 kia sedona.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Eric replied 6 years ago.

when you go from park to drive and hear the noise, do you feel any lurching?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes. I have also had a mechanic replace the rear tranmission mount. Seems to still have issues with the RF motor mount.
Expert:  Eric replied 6 years ago.

Ok, this is where I was going with it. You do have a bad motor mount. when one mount is bad, in the case the rear transmission mount, the other mounts have increased stress on them and weaken and fail as well. Although more expensive, a good mechanic will go ahead and recommend that all be replaced at the same time.

You can confirm that the mounts are bad very easily with a helper. Pop the hood and raise it, have someone sit in car and crank engine and place in drive. Now have them power brake it(rev engine with their foot firmly on brake pedal) while you watch the engine. Then repeat in reverse. If it jumps upwards and forwards in drive or upwards and rearward in reverse, you have a bad mounts. Now once you have this established, have them repeat while you concentrate on looking at each mount. It should hold firmly. If you see it giving, allowing the engine to jump, then that mount is bad.

Again, if one is bad, then the others are weak and also should be replace. Normally on this engine it is the RF mount and rear engine mount that fail in tandem
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