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2006 Kia Spectra: its not blowing the air..vent

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Hello. The fan on my 2006 Kia Spectra isn't working, it's not blowing the air. I can feel the heat a little when I put my hand on the vent, but nothing comes out.

did you lose all the fan speed settings at once, or did the lower speeds fail first and then the high speed?

Do you have a voltmeter for testing?

does yours have manual or digital climate controls?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



I lost them all at once. One day the fan worked and the next it didn't (on any setting).


I do not have a voltometer.


It has a manual climate control, meaning I have to turn the dial myself.


There are 2 common failures - the blower motor itself and the blower motor resistor.Both are easily accessible, but I do recommend testing before replacing either one, as they are equally as easy to fail.

Can you borrow a voltmeter for a couple of simple tests I can provide you, or will you need to take to a shop to find out which of the two is bad?

Do you want directions to replace both of them, so that once you find out which is bad, you can replace yourself?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I can buy a voltometer if you explained the two simple tests, or if it would be cheaper to take it to the shop, I can do that too.


I am willing to do the work myself if it is something I can get to without having to take the entire engine apart, so directions to both would be great.


Are you able to give rough estimates as to the cost of the parts and or labor at a shop?




ok, you can get a voltmeter for $20 at Walmart or a parts store, so this is the less expensive route.

Both the blower motor and the resistor are located underneath the passenger side of the dash. You just have to access from lying on the passenger side floorboard and looking up behind the dash and you will see them. There is one connector for each, and the blower motor has 3 screws and the resistor has 2 screws holding each in. That is it- nothing to remove to access them.

Ok, first for the blower motor, you really dont need a voltmeter for it, but you will need a couple of 1-2' lengths of wiring with the ends stripped of the insulation. You will remove the blower motor(shown below) and use the 2 wires to hook one wire from the negative cable on the battery and one wire from the positive battery post. now touch each wire to the terminals on the blower motor. If it spins, then it is good. If not, then buy a new blower motor:


this shows the which terminal on blower is positive and which is negative:

when you look behind the dash, just to your left of the blower motor is the blower motor resistor. for this test, you remove the resistor, and you set the voltmeter to Ohms. you will test resistances between the terminals on the resistor and check against chart below. If not within the given specs, replace it.


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