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Kia Rio: Hi, im thinking..struts..timing belt needs to be replaced

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Hi, I'm thinking of buying a used Kia Rio 5, 2006. the mechanic said the struts would have to be replaced after 100,000 or so. I was also wondering when the timing belt needs to be replaced. Could you also tell me about how much these repairs run?

the timing belt is supposed to be replaced every 60,000 miles on this particular year and model Kia.

depending on what the shop you use charges per hour for labor, timing belt replacement should run around $400-450 parts and labor. Struts will run about $350-425 parts and labor for the front struts and about the same for the rear struts.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



thanks for the information. The car has 86,000 miles on it and he says the timing belt has not been replaced. Also, at what point would I need the struts? The car is going to cost $3500 down, plus $1800 to repair the airbag (airbag light is on). Maybe if it's going to need this extra work soon it's not worth it. What about the brakes? How long do they typically last? Lastly, he's got a Spectra with only 67,000 on it for 7K. Maybe that would actually be a better deal, but I really like the rio5 hatchback.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

answers to above: brakes, value of vehicle



ok, definitely have the timing belt replaced immediately if you purchase the Rio. This is an interference engine which means the valves are wrecked if the timing belt breaks.

struts are for ride control and also can cause alignment and/or tire wear issues if they are worn, but they are not safety issues when worn, so they can wait. I have seen struts last from 80-160,000 miles. You can keep up with when they wear and in need of replacing by doing the bounce test periodically. Push down on all 4 corners, one at a time. It should go down, rebound up and stop. If it goes back down and up again, then the struts are worn enough to be replaced.

depending upon quality of brake pads and individual driver habits, brake pads will last from 20-50,000 miles. Some as long as 80,000 miles if they are ceramic.

As to choosing, the spectra will also need a timing belt replacement at this time as it is also due at 60,000 miles.

any used car will have its issues and need some maintenance work, so in the end it comes down to what you can reasonably afford and what you will be happy with. It does no good to save a few dollars and spend the next 3-4yrs regretting your decision

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Thanks for the detailed answer. Maybe he'll go down in price, because with the timing belt it's now a $5700 car which is probably overpriced.Too bad about the airbag--why is that so expensive ($1800)? Anyway, what's an average mileage on the Rio before it's no longer worth fixing?



On the airbag, I would need to know what all they are saying needs to be replaced to know why its that much. That would have to be for either a side curtain, passenger side airbag or control module.

Use the needed repairs as a negotiating tool. either have them drop the price by repair cost of timing belt, or have them throw the replacement in as part of the existing sale price.

You can reasonably expect 250,000 miles or so out of properly maintained engine and transmission before any major problems with engine and transmission

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