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Kia spectra 2007 kia spectra 2.0l cvvt system code p0011 replaced

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2007 kia spectra 2.0l cvvt system code p0011 replaced screen and valve? activated control valve engine does stall so i know its working any help....?

Scott :

Hello, I am Scott and I will assist you with your vehicle concern.

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Look at the following. Pay close attention to the < greater than and > less than symbol's. Many miss these, KIA likes short hand. If the < > are in the parameters, then you could have a wiring or PCM issues. First things first.


Detecting Condition
Possible Cause
DTC Strategy
Monitor deviation between camshaft position set point and actual value
Faulty Oil leak
Faulty Oil pump
Faulty Intake valve control solenoid
Enable Conditions
No relevant failure
11V < Battery voltage < 16V
CVVT control : enabled
Camshaft set point moved more than 5 times for this Driving Cycle
Stable camshaft set-point moving by more than 1.125°CRK moving
Camshaft position set point-actual > 5°CRK
600 ~ 1700rpm < Engine speed < 5000rpm
20°C(68°F) < Engine oil temperature < 100°C(212°F)
Threshold Value
Integral of Camshaft position set point - Camshaft position actual value > 150°CRK/sec.
Diagnostic Time
Approx. 38~300 seconds depending on CAM deviation
Mil On Condition
2 Driving Cycles

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i understand code logic, need how to test without dealer scantool....

Can you see any timing reference on your scanner, or operate the valve? If not, voltage you can check, but to actually see the degree of movement, you will either need an appropriate scanner {the modis w/ update will do it, some software for laptops are out that "should do it" and the dealer can do it. Only options. Anything else is a best guess, and that is pricey.


Here is a campaign on the valve, and you will need PDF reader to open it.


Here is the PDF reader if you do not have it.


Both are free to download.