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2001 kia sephia: The blower motor has stopped working..sporadically

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I have a 2001 kia sephia. The blower motor has stopped working completely. It worked sporadically for a while but now it is dead. I am not sure where to start. My hunch is, that it is electrical because it worked for and while and then did not work. Not sure if it is a relay, the switch itself, resistor , a short in the wiring. I need help getting into the dash since the screws are not easily found. If you have any help that would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, I'm Chris.
I will do my best to answer your question fast and accurate using the info you have provided. Thanks for visiting Just Answer.


Step one is to check the blower relay and fuse. When commanding the blower on high speed the fuse should show power on both sides and the relay once removed should show 2 power pins and one ground pin and it should click on and off in your fingers when you insert and remove it indicating it is clicking on and off.


Next you need to access the blower behind the glove box and test it use jumper cables and some small jumper wires to connect direct power and ground to the blower to see if its good.


If the blower works when direst fed from the battery but does not work on any speed when commanded via the car wiring and the fuses and relays are good, then check and see if there is power getting to the blower. If there is then you have a faulty blower motor resistor.

If the blower does not operate then the dash must be used and a AC machine used to evacuate the freon.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I looked in the fuse relay panel box found a fuse of the same size and pulled it out and replaced the blower fuse. I started the car and it would not start so I placed the blower fuse into the slot that I took the other fuse out of and the car started and put the one I took out and put it in the blower slot and the car started but the blower did not work. So I feel confident the fuse I put in is good. I tested pulled the relay out and put another that was similar into its slot and it clicked and so did the original relay that was in the blower slot. So it clicked when I placed it barely into the holes, so I assume they are ok. Just for giggles is there any other way to test a relay and it says I need to test fuse by testing each side of fuse while in. How do you get down to it to test it? My real question now is, I need to test the blower and resistor. How do I get to the terminals to test. I would like to see the screw pattern holding the dash in .

You only need to remove the dash if you need to remove the blower. At this time you have not completed all of the electrical tests above to determine dash removal is needed. Just swapping fuses is not a sufficient test, you must use a volt meter for testing purposes.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I actually removed the glove box and got to the blower power and I put direct power to this plug and nothing happened. I tried it with the switch on the high mode and I also tried it with the car running in case that made a difference and nothing happened. I used jumper cables and romex wired to jump accross it . The fuse I used was working in another slot and I put the one that was in the blower slot into that slot and it worked so I just switched the fuses to be sure . I am under the conclusion that the blower motor is bad but not sure about the resistor. Let me know what you think and can you tell me how much this cost . I paid 23 dollars at first but does it cost after that?

If you ran direct power and ground from the battery to the blower motor and it did not run at full speed then the blower is bad and has to be replaced.


You put up a 23$ deposit, but you have not used it so far. Once you get the answer your looking for you press accept and pay the expert with that money, so the expert makes a paycheck. It will only cost you the 23 dollars and thats all.



There are 5 files to download to get the dash out.






Customer: replied 6 years ago.

There was a white red / yellow green two wires into plug. I removed that plug from terminal and used jumper cables and wires and touched them across the terminals and nothing happened. I had the fan speed on position four and I aslo turned car on just in case that had to happen also. The fan did not turn on. So I think you are saying that this deduces that the motor is bad. To change the motor, does it just unbolt or is there A/C and freon removal involved. Basically what is involved in changing out the blower motor and how much would you guess that a blower cost? P.S. you have been a great help and sorry for so many questions. I started asking last night because I did not know if this was a real site that might aswer questions and I did not start working on the car till today. Yes you have been very helpful.

Once you get the dash off and out of the way using the info in my last post then you just remove the couple screws holding the blower in and replace it, there about 140$. Yes the AC system does have to be evacuated then recharged after the repair.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is it difficult to acuate the freon and to remove the blower motor. Also I have two more questions about different things that I would like you to answer about a this kia sephia and also about a kia sedona van that needs a timing belt changed. What would you recommend me to do about maybe subscribing for the monthly deal or by the question. It would not be fair to ask about those items now. I would like your oppinion

The rules on just answer require us to answer one question per post, If you have alot of different questions then do sign up for the one time month subscription and ask as many questions on as many posts as you want. You still have to accept each answer you like so the expert does get paid.


Yes it is hard to remove the dash and replace the blower. It takes a tech about a days work and could take a non tech even longer. You need a machine to evacuate the freon. Its a federal crime to release it into the atmosphere.

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