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PROBLEM 1: AIRBAG LIGHT IS ON How to fix both these isues.
Like this for several weeks.

PROBLEM 3: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON. Plenty of oil, no gear problems car runs fine.
New problem Today.
Any help to fix these will be greatly appreciated. Not too technical though, please.
Hello, putting your descritption togthether, it sounds like you have a bad clock spring. I put desc below. It is under drivers air bag and is what connects airbag, horn, cruise etc thorugh the column and at same time be able to turn steering wheel. There are known problems with the clocksprng so you may want to ask dealer first as it may be covered. as far as CEL, this could be anything computer, sensor related OR may very well be because of bad clock spring. A scan of computer for trouble code stored is the only way to know the problem area. Most parts stores will scan for codes for free

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Clock spring
The clock spring (coil spring) consists of two current carrying coils. It is attached between the steering column and the steering wheel. It allows rotation of the steering wheel while maintaining continuous contact of the deployment loop through the inflator module, horn , cruise

The steering wheel must be fitted correctly to the steering column with the clock spring at the neutral position, otherwise cable disconnection and other troubles may result.
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