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2003 Kia Sorento. Fuel pump recently replaced because of this

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2003 Kia Sorento. Fuel pump recently replaced because of this problem. Emissions system just replaced. But before this, after new fuel pump, 60 mph, car suddenly loses power and gets no response from gas pedal, though the engine is still idling. Stop the car. Start again. Coughs some, but catches and works fine. Filled it up. Ran fine until tank was down to about a quarter again. Same problem. I'm thinking crud in the gas tank or fuel filter. Have instructions on changing fuel filter, but what if it's stuff in the gas tank that clogs things up when it gets down to a quarter? How do you solve that problem?
What else could be causing it. Also had an oxygen sensor replaced recently. Can't afford a new car yet! Help! Thanks!

I also sent additional details to you today. Here is some more information, in addition to that:

New plugs at 82K
Charcoal canister replaced at 115K
Fuel pump replaced at 116K
This measurement was taken today:

Long-term fuel trim at idle: One side: +11, the other: +16

Long-term fuel trim at cruise speed: One side: +5, other side: +17. Hope this helps.

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Di the problem start after you changed the pump?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. Last March, I was on my way to the airport, started up a really tall bridge over the Houston ship channel, when there was suddenly no power. The car was running, but nothing happened at all when I pushed down on the pedal. I pulled over to a stop amid the angry honks and turned the engine off. Then I turned it back on, and I had a response from the pedal again. I drove it over the bridge and kept on going down the freeway. It did the same thing about 3 miles later. I had to get to the airport. This part of the freeway is pretty deserted early in the morning. Started it again. Got about 4 miles further before the same thing happened. The fifth time, I saw lights ahead, it quit again. Started it but it coughed and backfired. I coughed it and backfired it into a station and repair shop, got a ride to the airport. Repair shop said they couldn't duplicate the problem. I had it towed to a mechanic friend about 50 miles away. He put the computer on it and duplicated the problem about 60 mph under load. It showed the fuel pump was failing. Had it replaced first part of April. Ran fine for 3 months. Check engine light came on. Codes showed emissions system failing. Didn't have the money right away for those expensive parts. Car was running fine, didn't have to be inspected until this month. Three weeks ago, coming back from Galveston, the "no power to the pedal" thing happened again. The car was at 1/4 tank. I started it again, filled it up, drove home, took it in, they couldn't duplicate the problem and nothing but emissions showed up in the codes. Had the emissions system replaced this month, got it inspected. Drove across town and back on Saturday. "No power to pedal" problem came up again at 1/4 tank of gas, but this time, as I idled off the freeway into a really bad neighborhood, the car caught again and started running right. I found a gas station and filled it up. It ran fine all the way home. Tried to duplicate the problem yesterday, running it all kinds of ways and speeds, because both the previous problems happened just as I was driving along, no load, no acceleration, about 60-65, with 1/4 tank of gas. But yesterday, I had 3/4 tank of gas and there was no way I could duplicate the problem. Tomorrow I have to take it into the shop, and I sure would like to have some suggestions from an expert before I do! Thanks so much! Ann

Hi Ann,


It sounds like the inlet valve, in the fuel pump module could be stuck or clogged. The inlet valve is located in the bottom of the canister that the fuel pump is mounted in. It lets fuel into the canister when the fuel level gets below the top of the canister. If its sticking, its no big deal. Just clean it up. if its getting clogged with rust or crud. Then the tank will need to be cleaned or replaced. As for the fuel trim values. They are kind of high. Its possible you have a vacuum leak. Did you have the induction valve recall done?

If your not sure if all the recalls have been complected. You can give me the Vin number and i will check for and open recalls for you.


Thank you,


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Any time I received a recall notice I took it in, but the local dealer had some mechanics that weren't certified; when I had a small AC leak about 55K, I took it in, they took it apart, and then couldn't put it back together again. The next day (I had to rent a car) they broke something putting it together, had to order it. Broke something else. While it was apart, I had them put a new timing belt in, because I intended to keep the car a long time. Long story short, I finally got the car back after 3 weeks for what should have been a simple repair. They swore everything had been done, the service manager told me everything that had been done wrong and apologized, etc. and the dealership paid for the last two weeks of car rental. I used my own mechanic after that, but didn't receive any recall notices after that, either, or I would have taken it to another dealer and had it done. They swear they have certified mechanics now, but I don't trust them. The whole situation was a mess. Anyway, I would appreciate it very much if you would let me know if I didn't get one of the recall notices, because given my experience with them, the recalls I did bring it in for could very well not have been done. The VIN is KNDJD733435039933. Thank you so much.
There is one recall that has not been complected.


I looked at your warranty history, and it does not show the induction valve being replaced. I'm not sure why. Below is what is shown as being complected.


Warranty History
Repair DateClaim TypeDealer CodeR.O.#VersionRepair LaborCausal PartMileage
Aug 03, 2007 R : Recalls/Campaigns TX086 25416 1 N 01 070011R0 BOLT-CRANKSHAFT 72,020
Aug 15, 2006 W : Mechanical (General) TX086 90756 1 N 01 A/C Compressor Bracket, R&R (**) BRKT-COMP MT'G 52,414
Nov 08, 2005 W : Mechanical (General) TX086 70994 1 N 01 Water Pump /or Gasket, R&R PUMP ASSY-COOLENT 41,115
Mar 30, 2005 W : Mechanical (General) TX086 54955 1 N 01 Auto Clock, R&R CLOCK ASSY-DIGITAL 32,375
Oct 07, 2002 R : Recalls/Campaigns 8109W 0379X 1 N 01 021040R0 #MIRROR ASSY-RR VIEW 1
Sep 30, 2002 R : Recalls/Campaigns 8109W 0295V 1 N 01 021039R0 BUMPER-DR OVERSLAM 1
Sep 30, 2002 R : Recalls/Campaigns 8109W 0298F 1 N 01 021032R0 GAUGE-OIL LEVEL 1
Sep 30, 2002 R : Recalls/Campaigns 8109W 0321N 1 N 01 021042R0 RSVR ASSY-P/STRG. 1