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2002 KIA RIO: Can not unlock driver side door by pulling up button

Customer Question

2002 KIA RIO - Can not unlock driver side door by pulling up button or using key from outside
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Scott replied 7 years ago.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will use all of the available technical information at my disposal to assist you with your vehicle concern.


You will find that overtime the mechanism has, most likely, gotten seized up with corrosion. I attached procedure for removing the panel. The diagram shows the hidden screws and the rest of the panel is held on with posh pins. Slide your fingers under the panel and GENTLY pull. You will hear the door trim pop off and keep moving your hands along the door to the next pin.


Once the trim and moisture cover is off, roll the window up and you will see the latch and door lock. Spray some penetrating fluid into the lock and around the latch. Let it sit and them gently attempt to operate the outer lock with the key and interior lock from inside at the latch by moving the rod.


I find removing the latch as an assembly and lock and doing it on the bench is easier; however, depending on your expertise and tool availability, you may want to keep everything in the car.





1.Remove one screw on inside door handle assembly.

2.Remove door trim. Refer to "Trim" in this section.
3.Disconnect inside door handle rod of door lock assembly from inside door handle.
4.Remove inside door handle.
1.Disconnect negative battery cable.
2.Remove door trim.
3.Remove one screw on pull handle bracket.

4.Remove pull handle bracket.
5.Remove speaker.
A.Remove three screws on door speaker.

B.Unfasten harness connector from door frame.
C.Pull out speaker and disconnect connectors.
Peel plastic moisture barrier off carefully so that it can be reused.
6.Peel off plastic moisture barrier carefully by pulling it away gradually from door frame