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Kia Sorento with - 3.5L V-6. Does replacement of timing belt

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Kia Sorento with - 3.5L V-6. Does replacement of timing belt require removal of harmonic balancer? Where can I get engine drawings/diagrams for Kia 3.5L V-6?



Yes. Also, you will want to get a new bolt to replace the one you remove from the crank shaft. There is a campaign not to reuse it. It can be gotten from the dealer.


I will attach the timing belt replacement procedure when you get back with the year built. Also once the belt is off, do not rotate the cams or crank shaft. Damage will occurs.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Scott,
Thanks very much for your quick response. I am an experienced, but not professional mechanic. So, my desacriptions and comprehension are good.

Here's the deal. I had Pep Boys in Lancaster, CA replace my timing belt in my 05 Sorento (3.5L V-6) last March at ~110K miles. Two days ago, I threw the generator belt - and took it directly to Pep Boys in Reno. They diagnosed the problem. Harmonic balancer bolt gone; balancer loose and wobbly - thus the tossed belt. Now, they also found the crank snout bolt hole cross threaded and stripped. Pep Boys in Reno says crank is stainless and cannot be repaired. Pep Boys is looking at complete engine replacement. Here's the kicker - Pep Boys Lancaster denies even having to remove the balancer to do the belts. I know that is BS because I saw it disassembled and the balancer was off.

My Sorento is absolutely the best vehicle I have ever owned. All I can hope for is a complete and decent replacement in Reno.

Your comment was very helpful - especially about replacing the original bolt - I bet that wasn't done.

Any chance you can direct me to an exploded engine diagram?

Mark [email protected]
I am going to attach on the next post. I will need to log off and back on, having issues with attachments. I will have the procedure and the crank bolt replacement info.
SORENTO(BL) >2005 > G 3.5 DOHC > Engine Mechanical System
1.Using a [16 mm], rotate the tensioner arm clockwise (about 14° )and remove the belt from the pulley.
2.Remove the power steering pump pulley, idler pulley, tensioner pulley and crankshaft pulley.
3.Remove the upper and lower timing belt covers.
4.Remove the auto tensioner.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise and align the timing mark to set the No.1 cylinder's piston to TDC (compression stroke). At this time, the timing marks of the camshaft sprocket and cylinder head cover should coincide with each other.

5.Unbolt the tensioner to remove the timing belt.
If you plan to use the timing belt again, mark the rotation direction on the belt so you reinstall it correctly.
1.Install idler pulley to idler bracket.

2.Install tensioner arm, shaft and plane washer to cylinder block.

Tightening torque : 35 - 55 N·m (350 - 550, 25-40 Ib.ft)

3.Install crankshaft sprocket and align the timing mark.

Be careful not to bend crankshaft sensing blade.

4.Install camshaft sprocket and adjust initial installation state as illustration.

5.Install auto tensioner to oil pump case.
At this time auto tensioner's set pin should be assembled completely.

6.Aligh the timing marks of each sprocket and install the timing belt in this order. Crankshaft sprocket → Idler pulley → Exhaust camshaft sprocket (LH) → Intake camshaft sprocket (LH) → Water pump pulley → Intake camshaft sprocket (RH) → Exhauft camshaft sprocket (RH) →Tensioner pulley

In this step, No. 1 is in TDC (Compression stroke)
Do not insert fingers.

7.After installed the timing belt, reconfirm the timing mark.
8.Install the tensioner pulley.
9.Pull out the set pin of auto tensioner.
The method to adjust the tension of timing belt.
1.Rotate the crankshaft 2 rotation clockwise and measure the projected load of auto tensioner in the TDC (# XXXXX Compression stroke) after 5 minutes.
2.Check the projected length is 3.8 - 4.5 mm(0.15-0.18 in).
3.Check again if the timing marks of each sprocket is with in specified position.
If not within specified position, repeat from step 6 in the method of installing timing belt and auto tensioner.

1.Inspect the belt closely. If the following problems are evident, replace the belt with a new one.
(1)Hardened back surface of rubber Back surface is shiny, non-elastic and so hard that when the nail of your finger is pressed into it, no mark is produced.

(2)Cracked back surface of rubber.

(3)Side of belt is badly worn.
A belt in good condition should have clear-cut sides as if it were cut with a sharp knife.

(4)Teeth are badly worn out.
(5)Missing tooth

2.If backlash or an irregular noise is observed when rotating the pulley, replace the timing belt tensioner and idler pulley.

Gr./Sys./CompEngine Mechanical System / Cylinder Block / Crankshaft
SymptomEN1000 - Hard/No start
ENN001 - Noise
ENN002 - Vibration
SubjectSorento Crankshaft Bolt Replacement (SC072) (Updated 2007-08-13)

Click HERE to open PDF of this Service Campaign

This bulletin provides information related to the 2003~2004 Sorento models produced from 6/30/2002 ~1/28/2004. The Crankshaft Pulley bolt may become loose, especially if it was improperly torqued during routine service. The usual indicator of such loosening is a rattling noise coming from the engine compartment, which can be traced to the Crankshaft Pulley assembly. The Crankshaft pulley bolt and washer should be replaced with the corrosion free bolt and washer (Dacro Coating) which can be identified by its silver color. The crankshaft pulley bolt and washer should never be re-used and should be replaced, if removed. This bulletin describes the proper service procedure for identifying and torquing the Crankshaft Pulley bolt.



Crankshaft Pulley Bolt

Special Washer

Crankshaft Pulley Bolt

Special Washer


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