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Had bank1 sensor2 downstream of catalytic converter replaced

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HI, had bank1 sensor2 downstream of catalytic converter replaced 1week ago, now engine warning light is back on. Prior to replacing the sensor gas cap light came on intermediately, then went away. Could these issues be related?

Hi Brian! Welcome to JustAnswer. Thanks for coming! I'm Ron and I'll be working with you on your question today.

Brian, do you happen to have the current "p-codes"?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.

Ok. That's not a problem.

Most Jeep models, 2000 and newer, with a digital odometer can run a self-diagnostic. Let's give it a try....

Get in the vehicle, and close all the doors. Without starting the engine, cycle the ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON within 5 seconds. Where the odometer is should now be displayed "p-codes" (ie. P0123) - Can I have these codes?

Make sure to end in the ON position, and do it quickly- within 5 seconds.

If you don't get it on the first try, cycle the ignition OFF. Wait 10 seconds. Try again. On your first try, it can be tricky!

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Wouldn't display p code

Ok. To best help you here, Brian, I'd really need those p-codes. It's the only way to tell if the current problem is related to the oxygen sensor replacement or the fuel cap light. My advice here would be to have those p-codes scanned. You can have these p-codes read FREE (except in California) at any local "big chain" part store (ie. AutoZone, PepBoys, Advanced, etc).

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Just dropped by mechanic who changed my sensor. Read it again and says get a new gas cap. Thanks

You're welcome, Brian! Glad I could be of some help today! Keep in mind, there are dozens of sensors and p-codes in the EVAP System. If the new fuel cap doesn't solve the problem, bring me the p-codes and I can help you fix the problem for good. Please be kind enough to leave a rating for our Q&A using the 'stars' at the top of the page or click 'Accept' when I have answered all your questions. A 5-star rating is very much appreciated! Rating or accepting my answer does not cost you extra.

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