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I am working on a 2009 Jeep Liberty that has a faint rod

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I am working on a 2009 Jeep Liberty that has a faint rod knock. I have the opportunity to purchase a good used engine from a friend of mine that has a 2007 Liberty that he just wrecked. Engine is fine and didn't get damaged in the wreck. Will the engine from the 07 work in the 09? It's very critical that your answer be spot on correct because I will be having to pay to have the engine shipped from the States all the way down to me in the US Virgin Islands which is very expensive. Anyone that KNOWS for sure the answer please help! Thanks, Jack


The engine block and cylinder heads are the same, as well as flywheel, engine mounts are identical, but there are differences in the intake manifold and the sensors that go on them, so if you get this engine, you would need to swap the intake manifold with throttle body and the sensors on them from your 2009 to the 2007.

If you are wanting a complete engine that requires no swapping out, you would need to use a 2008-2010 engine.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.

Hello Eric, Not sure you got my last message asking to please find out if the crank and camshaft tone wheels are the same. I'm seeing in my parts catalog that both sensors are different in an 07 and an 09 which makes me wonder if it's because they use a different tone wheel on both the cam and crank? Please check on this as it's super critical to the swap. Thanks ever so much, Jack


Hmmm, message didnt come thru. Ok, give me a minute to check


Ok, I show crank sensors are identical, both in tone wheel and part number- see attached

The cam sensor, while located at exact same spot on the right cylinder head is different with the tone wheel. So, you would either need to use your head on the 2007 or install the 2009 cam with tone wheel into the 2007 head.

Still workable, but more work involved.

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