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I am doing a head gasket job and a timing belt on 2005 jeep

Customer Question

I am doing a head gasket job and a timing belt on 2005 jeep liberty CRD 2.8L.
I did poor marking to start the job, so I totally lost timing.
can you help me start the timing process from scratch ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Greg replied 1 year ago.

Hi .

This is a job for a good seasoned tech sorry to say (BUT) not sure of your position if a good mechanic??

But first there are 4 special tools that are required to set the timing and replace the belt on this engine.

The crankshaft and cams have to be locked with these special tools BEFORE the belt is removed.

If you don't have these tools then it next to impossiblr to carry out this job as there are no timing marks as such like a normal timing belt set up as you know.

2005 Jeep Liberty 4WD 2.8L Turbo Diesel 4cyl

Fig. Typical drive belt automatic tensioner wear indicator

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  2. Rotate belt tensioner until it contacts its stop. Remove belt, then slowly rotate the tensioner into the free arm position.

To install:

  1. Check condition of all pulleys.
    CAUTION When installing the serpentine accessory drive belt, the belt MUST be routed correctly. If not, the engine may overheat due to the water pump rotating in the wrong direction.
  2. Install new belt. Route the belt around all pulleys except the idler pulley . Rotate the tensioner arm until it contacts its stop position. Route the belt around the idler and slowly let the tensioner rotate into the belt. Make sure the belt is seated onto all pulleys.

Timing Belt - Removal & Installation 2.8L Engine

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.
    WARNING Before removing the timing belt, the engine must be placed at 90° after TDC. Failure to do so may result in valve and/or piston damage during assembly.
  2. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  3. Remove engine cover.
  4. Remove cooling fan and fan drive viscous clutch assembly.
  5. Remove accessory drive belt.
  6. Remove cooling fan support.
  7. Remove vibration damper.
  8. Bring piston #1 to TDC, turn crankshaft until the witness line on the crankshaft hub is at the 12 o-clock position.
  9. Looking at the engine from the belt side, rotate the crankshaft 90° clockwise so the witness mark is now at the 3 o-clock position.
  10. Remove the alternator.
  11. Remove the intake and exhaust camshaft plugs from the camshaft cover, to introduce the camshaft timing pins VM.1052 Intake, and VM.1053 Exhaust (if the engine is timed correctly, the pins can be installed flush with the intake manifold/cylinder head cover).
  12. Remove timing belt outer cover.
  13. Loosen timing belt tensioner and remove timing belt.
  14. Remove the intake and exhaust camshaft alignment pins.
  15. Loosen camshaft gears using special tool VM 1085 to retain the gears when loosening the bolts.
  16. Remove special tool VM 1085.

    Fig. Timing belt and sprockets-2.8L diesel engine

    Fig. Injection pump gear timing marks-2.8L diesel engine

    Fig. Timing belt routing-2.8L diesel engine

    Fig. Timing belt tensioner adjustment-2.8L diesel engine

    Fig. Timing belt tensioner adjustment-2.8L diesel engine

To install:

NOTE There are marks on both camshaft gears. These ARE NOT alignment marks and should be disregarded.

  1. With both camshaft alignment pins still installed and the engine rotated at 90° after TDC, verify that the camshaft gears are loose.
  2. Align the timing mark on the high pressure injection pump gear with the timing mark on the inner cover.
    NOTE DO NOT remove the timing belt from the package until it-s ready to be installed. DO NOT expose timing belt to oil, grease or water contamination. DO NOT crimp belt at a sharp angle. DO NOT clean belt, pulleys or tensioner with solvent. Check that pulleys and bearings are not seized or damage before installing belt.
  3. Install timing belt on crankshaft hub.
  4. Route the belt around high pressure injection pump, idler pulley, intake camshaft gear, exhaust camshaft gear, idler pulley, and water pump gear.
  5. Adjust the timing belt tensioner (turn it clockwise) using special tool VM.9660, lining up the center notch with the aluminum cover dowel pin. Tighten the retaining bolt to 20 ft. lbs. (28 Nm).
  6. Install special tool VM.1085 between camshaft gears and tighten thumb screws to engage and retain the camshaft gears.
  7. Tighten the camshaft gear bolts to 80 ft. lbs. (108 Nm) while holding the gears with special tool VM 1085.
  8. Remove camshaft gear locking tool.
  9. Remove intake and exhaust alignment pins.
    WARNING If intake manifold/cylinder head cover was removed wait 30 minutes before rotating crankshaft.
  10. Rotate the engine clockwise 2 revolutions (looking at engine from the belt side).
  11. With the crankshaft hub witness mark aligned to 90 degrees ATDC, or the 3 o-clock position, check that the intake and exhaust camshaft alignment pins (VM 1052 and VM 1053) can be installed into the camshaft alignment access holes.
  12. Install timing belt outer cover.
    WARNING If the camshaft alignment pins can not be installed at this time, repeat the procedure from the beginning.
  13. Install the camshaft access plugs.
  14. Install vibration damper.
  15. Install the alternator.
  16. Install cooling fan support.
  17. Install accessory drive belt.
  18. Install cooling fan and fan drive viscous clutch assembly.
  19. Install engine cover.
  20. Connect negative battery cable.

Still need additional information then please get back to me with the reply button, and not the poor or bad service, this way i can get back to you or suggest another expert if needed.
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A bad rating does not constitute a refund.
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Kind regards Greg.

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