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cloe0626, Auto Mechanic
Category: Jeep
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Experience:  was a mechanic in the army for four years and have been working at a dealer ship the past five years
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I have a 4.7L 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I recently had the

Customer Question

I have a 4.7L 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I recently had the catalytic converters replaced and new 02 sensors put in. However, the engine light continued to come back on after multiple resets. Finally, the repairs shop, after multiple resets, put another new set of catalytic converters on the Jeep, but the light came on again and the Jeep runs very, very, rugged at idle or just above (it runs fine at highway speeds). I can't get the Jeep inspected because of the light and constant resets and the code now shows 402 or 403 which I was told are catalytic converter problems.
The shop owner says he does not know what to do at this point and perhaps I should take it to a Jeep dealer to have the converters replaced and it would likely cost me $1500. Could it be two (actually four) catalytic converters were bad when new? Would going to a dealership be a wise gamble at this point?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  cloe0626 replied 1 year ago.

at this point its not going to be a problem with the cats system you have put 4 converters on it changed out the 02 sensor its not possible that they are bad but i agree that you do need to take it to the dealer as i believe its going to be an issue with your ecm the programming may be off or it may need to be replaced i hope this has helped you if you need anything else let me know please be sure to rate my service when you get the chance