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I have a 2005 jeep Cherokee larido the front driver side cv

Customer Question

hello I have a 2005 jeep Cherokee larido the front driver side cv axle broke and not I can't get the other end out of the tranny can you tell me how to remove this stuck axle end thank you zack
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Jon replied 1 year ago.

Hi, the other half of the half shaft that is in the front diff just pops out. Either a big pry bar or long blunt object with a mini sledge should get it out. Here's the procedure fro the shop manual:


  1. With vehicle in neutral, position vehicle on hoist.
  2. Remove half shaft hub/bearing nut.
  3. Remove wheel speed sensor (1) nut (2) from hub/bearing (3) and remove sensor (1).

  4. Remove brake calipers bolts (2) and remove calipers (1) from caliper adapters (4).

  5. Remove lower stabilizer link (3) bolt (6) from control arm.

  6. Remove outer tie rod end nuts and separate tie rods (3) from knuckles (4) with Remover 8677 (5).

  7. Remove upper ball joint nuts (4) and separate ball joints (2) from knuckles (3) with Remover 8677.

  8. Remove shock clevis (3) bolt and nut (4) from lower control arm
  9. Lean the knuckle out and push half shaft out of the hub/bearing.
  10. Pry half shafts from axle/axle tube with pry bar.

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