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Jeep Grand Cherokee in limp mode

Customer Question

Having problems with my Jeep Grand Cherokee

Here is what I have done to date and desperately need help to get the Jeep going again

April 4 fitted new brake shoes, Lower control arms, steering outer tie rods, Took front springs out and installed on the correct side.

To access the left hand side strut mounts I uncliped the power distribution centre and lifted it up on its edge placing some strain

on the wiring where it entered the power distribution centre.

By Tire shop

Fitted bigger tires 265/70/R17 and wheel alignment

April 21 2015  ESP BAS and traction lights on

Fault Codes

Anti-Lock Brake System C123f Steering Angle Sensor Comparative Performance

April 30th

Jeep dealer diagnostics, confirmed same codes as above and suggested wheel alignment

had too much toe and steering wheel off centre.

Jeep Dealer confirmed steering wheel sensor and wheel sensors are good.

Dealer did N23 flash with fault codes current???

May 29

Jeep went into Limp mode.

Corrected wheel alignment and centred steering wheel using

live data on the scanner centreing the wheel on 0 degrees.

Codes would not reset

June 2  2015 more fault codes

Enhanced Powertrain

U0114 Lost Communication with Four-Wheel Drive Clutch Control Module

Anti-Lock Brake System

U140e Implausible Vehicle Configuration Data Received

C123f Steering Angle Sensor Comparative Performance

Front Control Module

U0114 Lost Communication with Four-Wheel Drive Clutch Control Module

Transmission Control Module

U0114 Lost Communication with Four-Wheel Drive Clutch Control Module

June 2nd Reintilised ECU ...all good

Ran live data on test drive secreen shot attached.

Steering angle sensor behaved as you expect along with all wheel sensors, nothing eratic noticed.

Codes will not clear still in limp mode.

June 5th ordered new anti lock brake module. expect it June 16th

june 6th scan more codes

Enhanced Powertrain

P065a     Undocumented trouble code description

P0700     Transmission Control System (MIL Request)

P2010     Intake Manifold Runner (Swirl) Control Circuit High

P0048     Turbo / Super Charger Boost Control Solenoid Circuit High

live data screen shot of the appropriate sensors. 

Attachment: 2015-06-11_082036_scan_june112015.docx

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Jeep