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Grand cherokee: I have a 00 jeep grand cherokee with some intermitant

Customer Question

I have a 00 jeep grand cherokee with some intermitant tranni issues. It throws the code p1784. The tranni will clunk and seems like it is stuck in 3rd gear. Engine with also start to overheat. Next day it will be fine. Day after not. Mind of its pen
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  jim replied 2 years ago.
When this code is set, the vehicle goes into limp mode, these vehicles have had a lot of problems with the solenoid packs. Check the following before replacing the solenoid pack. Check the resistance of the Low/Reverse (LR) pressure switch circuits. Unplug the connector from the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Check the resistance between pins 16 (Red wire) and 50 (Dark Green wire). It should be about 300 ohms.
If not, verify that the wire is not open or shorted to ground. If the wire is OK, check the resistance of the LR pressure switch directly.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi. All check out OK except for a resistance check of the actual pressure sensor for the fact it is impossible to to get a accurate reading of resistance with a regular multi meter. I used a 9v battery which resistance should be between 100-300 Milli volts which is good. This solenoid pack should be replaced now? There's no way the TCM is acting up?
Expert:  jim replied 2 years ago.
The solenoid is the most common problems we see with this, I would still like to check the resistance with a digital ohm meter.