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liberty limited: The horn started sounding on 2004 liberty.

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The horn started sounding on 2004 liberty. Disconnected battery and called aaa. He reconnected horn began again. He then disconnected the stopped. Now then engine is startedthen turned off it continues to
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

Does the engine start, run for 1-2 seconds and die abruptly along with the horn honking on and off and lights flashing? This is what it would do if factory security didn't disarm.

I'm assuming that your ignition key doesn't have a thick gray head? If it did then security should have disarmed when the engine was started and it should have stayed running. Let me know if you do have a thick gray key.

If you just have a normal key then there are two ways to disarm security. One would be by pressing the unlock button on a key fob. The other is by unlocking a door with the key.

On the back of the lock cylinders in the door there is a disarm switch that is wired to the body control module and it disarms security when it sees you unlock the door with the key. It's possible that your driver's disarm switch either failed or popped off the lock cylinder and that's why it didn't disarm.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

all of what you have said has been suggested by a friend. The car is now at the dealership and I really wanted to have some idea of what the problem may be before I talk with them about it. It sounds like it may be an easy fix.

Thank you for your expertise,


You're welcome and good luck with it! Let me know if you need any more help.
sprinkles08 and other Jeep Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when this happened the car was parked and I was at home and a neighbor alerted me. I hadn't been trying to start it. Also, we had just had a very heavy rain squall

If it went off on it's own without you entering it then there may be a deeper issue. You may have a bad door ajar switch in one of the latches or something like that, which could tell the BCM that a door opened when it really didn't, if a door opens without it being disarmed then the alarm will go off. Unlocking the door with the key or fob should have still disarmed it though.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It didn't stop when the door was unlocked. It stopped by it's self and then started up again

If the disarm switch, wiring and BCM were working properly then it should have disarmed with the key no matter what. You may have more than one issue going on.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Great! At least you have give me some understanding of what may be going on and I won't be too uninformed. Does this sound like a major projest?

Most likely not. It shouldn't be too hard for them to diagnose and repair.




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you! I feel much better. Now my dog Jay and I can enjoy this after work glass of wine and not worry about the car.

Thanks again,


You're welcome!



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just wanted to let you know they couldn't find anything wrong with it so, I guess it was humidity and moisture (it's been very rainy lately). Anyway, the tech was perplexed and they charged me only 1/2 price. also, once the tech got the car it never acted up again. The engine would turn off and not continue to run. Beats me.

Thanks for your help,


It's definitely possible that moisture could have been a part of the problem. Hopefully you won't have any more problems.


Thanks for the update!