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Commander Limited: Good morning. I bought an 07 Commander

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Good morning. I bought an 07 Commander Limited with 5.7L Hemi and QD2 about a month ago. Took it on it's first road trip - 4 lane highway, 4 hours, easy drive. After sitting in a parking garage for about 10 hours, I started it up for the drive home. I had backed into the parking space, and so made a hard right hand turn out of the space. The Jeep felt and sounded like I was driving over rumble strips (I think others have called it "chatter") as I made that turn; going down the garage to the exit, I was making hard left hand turns & it felt and sounded the same - like going over rumble strips. Also, when driving "straight ahead" after two of these episodes, the car pulled to the left or right, like a FWD that needs an alignment. Of course when I dropped by a mechanic friend & went for a diagnostic drive, the darn thing wouldn't do it. Any help here?

Hello, my name isXXXXX you for allowing me to assist you! I know exactly what this is. The front and rear differentials have clutch discs for the Trac Lok option. When the gear oil gets old and breaks down, it can cause those discs to chatter. Do this: have the gear oil changed in both differentials and add 1 bottle of Mopar limited slip additive to each differential. Then do several figure 8 maneuvers to allow the additive to work itself into the clutch material. This should take care of this problem.

I hope this information helps, and let me know if you need further assistance with this.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey Chris. Thanks for this information! I have one more query. Before we bought the Commander, we did a CARFAX among other research. Luckily for us, this car was a trade-in at the same dealer where it was originally purchased so we have all maintenance records to boot. On the CARFAX, it states "Transfer case fluid flushed/changed." on the dealership service dept "Summary History Display" is says:

7/2/2013 30DOZDIF Differential Svc

30DOZDIFR Differential Svc

30DOZTCASE Transfer Case Sr



Can you translate that for me? Was there work done on the differentials as late as July 2nd........ and if yes, why would the problem recur so quickly?


Thanks again.........

Well Jack, it does look like the differentials were serviced back in July, but there is a possibility that the additive was not used. It is very important to use that additive.



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