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Liberty: Hi, I have a 2005 Liberty Renegade (3.7 L). My

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I have a 2005 Liberty Renegade (3.7 L). My AC compressor is going bad and plan on ordering a new one but need to wait until next paycheck. The bearings have not frozen up yet but it is making a grinding noise pretty badly. I am not running the AC. My question is, can I still drive it safely until I replace the compressor without the AC on or is there a chance it could freeze up still without the AC on? When the AC is off, does the clutch stay disengaged or can the rotation of the serpentine belt still cause it to seize?
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I'm a 15 Yr Jeep dealership technician and does the compressor only make the grinding noise when the a/c is on or does it grind all of the time? I ask because if it only grinds when it's on then if you turn it off you should be good to drive it until you can replace it.. But if it grinds all the time the bearing itself is faulty and I would not recommend driving it as it could fail at any time.. And if the bearing seizes up then yes it could cause the belt to break and leave you stranded.... WHen the a/c is off the clutch and compressor doesn't turn, but the pulley and bearing always turns when the engine is running..

I hope this helps, and if you need anymore assistance don't hesitate to ask
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It mostly makes the noise when the AC is on but there is a distinct faint grinding noise even with it off. However it is intermittent. It seems to be louder when the engine is cold and decreases as it warms up to operating temp. Although even warm I can sometime hear it but not consistently.

HI Rick,

Thanks for the reply!!!

Well in that case I would drive it, but keep an eye on it and don't run the a/c.. It sounds like you have a mixture of bearing and compressor failure.. If it does happen to lock up you know notice a immediate decrease in steering assist and it will be hard to turn.. Just pull over and get a tow.. If shouldn't cause any fruther damage to anything except maybe burn the belt up.. But as far as the engine you will be fine if you just pull over and shut the engine off....

Sorry for the bad news but I hope it helps.... Need anymore assistance just ask

Have a greatday,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Brad.