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wipers inop on high and low operation .no power to motor for

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wipers inop on high and low operation .no power to motor for either speed .trying to check on and off relay and low -high relay.wiring diagram shows them in integrated module.are they checkable or serviceable or internal part of module

They are internal to the TIPM(totally integrated power module) and are NOT serviceable, nor can they be tested with conventional relay testing(multimeter). They are only able to be tested with a scan tool with command capablities to command them on and off.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so if you command on and off thru scanner and wipers still dont com is it safe to say one of relays is bad and tipm has to be replaced .new tipm have to be programed.what if there not getting triggered to activate


If the relays dont respond to commands, they are bad and replace the TIPM.

If the relays do respond but still no wipers, then there is a short in the wiring from the TIPM to the wiper motor

It is almost always the TIPM, as this is a common failure on Jeeps. And yes, the new one requires programming.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

please bare with me have checked relays in the past when u can physically check with volt meter that power is being transfered thru relay .how will u see that on verify relay is working or not


because the scan tool with full diagnostic functions will show that power being sent to the relay and it responding to it or not responding to it. This is the essentially the command function.

For an analogy, you are basically having one computer read another and ask it a question and see if that computer responds to the question. If it does, then it is working and if not, then it is faulty. A full function scan tool is a type of computer and the TIPM is actually a type of computer(control module) as well. So we are seeing if they communicate with each other on a specific circuit
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