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Liberty: I just bought a 2011 jeep liberty , when I drive normal

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I just bought a 2011 jeep liberty , when I drive normal I feel the transmission tugging and pulling and it also makes a thump every so often
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

Without a description of the thump it is hard to say what that is. If it's something you feel when accelerating at different times it could just be because of letting off and getting back on the throttle at just the right time and you are feeling a harsh up or downshift that could be normal.

On the tugging and pulling feel you are having I would recommend having a tech at a Chrysler dealer ride with you and experience the concern. At lower speeds in fourth gear with the torque converter clutch locked there is quite a bit of normal engine lug because the RPM's are so low. If you're feeling engine lug in fourth gear up until 50 MPH or so then this is going to be normal, the Liberty and Nitro have been this way since the 2008's came out in summer of 2007.

It's possible that you could be feeling torque converter shudder or an actual engine miss also. Riding with a technician and showing them what you are concerned with will allow them/you to know if what you are experiencing is normal or if there is actually a concern.
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