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Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo:a/c control knob not working

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The knob controlling my jeep Cherokee laredo's a/c does not work. It started failing with the positions in the middle. Only the high and the low cool worked. Then none of the positions worked. How do I check if the knob is the problem or if something else is and how do I fix it?

The jeep make year is 2006 and it's a grand Cherokee Laredo

donalde :

good morning.Are you reffering to the fan(blower) speed not working?If the bolwer motor is your problem try hitting the bottom of the blower motor with the palm of your hand.If the motor now starts to work your problem is with the motor itself.If the motor does not come on then you either have a problem with the switch or the blower motor resister.Please klet me know what you find and we can go from there,Don


it's 6:38 am here in El Paso, TX. I am going to try what you suggested. Also, how about checking the fuse? is the fuse box underneath the dashboard or under the hood? Also, the blower motor had been making some noises like some "leaves" were inside of it or something. Maybe it's the blower motor itself. Another question I have is, when I turn the knob, I do hear a "click" noise coming from the compressor area. I believe this would be the a/c pump clutch. If so, this would mean the clutch is trying to engager. Is this right?

donalde :

The clutch is probably engaging and the a/c system is working but you just dont feel it because the blower motor is not working.If the motor has been making some noise now for a while i would say it is time to replace it.You need either a test light or an electrical meter to do any electrical checks.I know its hot in El Paso as I live in Lafayette,La and we are in the 90'S every day.Please let me know if you need more help,Don


I checked the a/c clutch fuse and it is ok. There is no blower fuse as such. I do have an electrical meter but why do I need to check anything if I am replacing the blower motor?


I checked the a/c clutch fuse and it is ok. There is no blower motor fuse as such. I also hit the bottom of the motor with my palm and it did not come on. But like you say, it might be time to replace it. I do have an electrical meter. What do I check?


If there is some electrical checking that can be done just to make sure it is a blower motor problem that would be nice. I do have an electrical meter. Where would I check?

At the blower motor ,check for power on the dark blue wire.If you have power there check for power going out on the light blue wire.If you dont have power on the dark blue wire check the 40Amp fuse #1 in the under the hood fuse block.Please let me know what you find,Don
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did the checks. Fuse is ok. Power (12v) ok at the dark blue wire. It is the blower motor. I removed it and connected directly to the battery, nothing. Then tried to rotate the cage and it was frozen!


So now I have to get a new blower motor. Problem is they are like $155. On some online stores I can get it for $50 to $80, but they take a week to 12 days to deliver.


But at any rate, thanks for your great help!

Sorry your motor is expensive.I checked around here and they are about the same price.You may want to check with LKQ as they are a national used parts house and may be able to help you with a used blower motor.If you dont mind please rate my service so that I may get credit for my assistance and have a great day,Don
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did give you a rating of "Excellent Service" and even gave you a 20% tip. Is there anything else I need to do?

Sorry my computer has been messing up latley.Thanks for the tip hope your repairs are easy and please let me know if you need any more help,Don