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Category: Jeep
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2005 jeep grand cherokee: the torque converter bolts..5.7 hemi

Customer Question

What do I need to do on the lower part for removel of the motor I'm guessing the exhuast bolts the torque converter bolts and the motor mount bolts this is on 2005 jeep grand cherokee with 5.7 hemi engine
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  TIM replied 5 years ago.

  • Perform the Fuel System Pressure Release procedureDisconnect the battery negative cable.

  • Remove the air cleaner resonator and duct work as an assembly.

  • Drain cooling system

  • Remove the accessory drive belt ).

  • Remove radiator fan shroud
  • TIM :

    Remove the A/C compressor with the lines attached. Secure compressor out of the way

    TIM :
  • Remove generator assembly (Refer to 8 - ELECTRICAL/CHARGING/GENERATOR - REMOVAL).

  • Remove the intake manifold and IAFM as an assembly(Refer to 9 - ENGINE/MANIFOLDS/INTAKE MANIFOLD - REMOVAL) .

  • Remove the ground wires from the rear of each cylinder head
  • TIM :

    Disconnect the heater hoses (1).

    TIM :
  • Remove the power steering pump and set aside.

  • Disconnect the fuel supply line (Raise and support the vehicle on a hoist and drain the engine oil.

  • Remove engine front mount to frame bolts (3) and nuts.

  • Disconnect the transmission oil cooler lines from their retainers at the oil pan bolts.

  • TIM :
  • Disconnect exhaust pipe at manifolds.

  • Disconnect the starter wires. Remove starter motor
  • TIM :

    Remove the structural dust cover (1).

    TIM :

    Remove drive plate to converter bolts.

    TIM :

    Remove the oil pan to transmission bolts (1).

    TIM :
  • Remove transmission bell housing to engine block bolts (2).

  • Lower the vehicle.

  • TIM :
  • Install engine lift fixture, special tool # XXXXX and 8984–UPD.

  • Separate engine from transmission, remove engine from vehicle, and install engine assembly on a repair stand.
  • TIM :

    that should do IT!

    TIM :

    any further info required--PLEASE let me know -- If all set _PLEASE click the ACCEPT button,Tim


    I have the whole front of the jeep removed so I don't see the need for taking the generator and other pumps off till I get the motor out there is plenty of room. I was thinking I would just have the motor mounts, torque conferter and exhaust bolts along with ground strapes and cooler lines

    TIM :

    that should do it -- this is the procedure listed in the manual for removal -- which if you have room -- you may eliminate steps as needed

    TIM :

    and you are correct in the remaining items for removal


    Thanks for the help and would you please see to it that I don't have a reacuring charge on this I just want the one month charge

    TIM :

    I will forward this request to the admin so after accepting -- you only have the one time charge,thanks againTim


    Thank you

    TIM :

    thanks again -- and If all set --please click the accept button,Tim


    How do I print off our entire conversation

    TIM :

    you should be able to copy and paste to a file then print


    I'm having troulbe getting the fuel line lose from the fuel rail and also I have al the bell hosing bolts out but cannot get the dust plate out to remove the bolts from the torque convertor .