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My check engine light came on in my 08 Jeep Patriot 72K last week and I took it to the de

Customer Question

My check engine light came on in my 08 Jeep Patriot 72K last week and I took it to the dealer for a diagnostic ($108) and they said it was the Intake Manifold tuning valve. They said it would be a $300+ fix and is not covered on my extended warranty (neither was the diagnostic) is this an easy fix I can just order the part for and have one of my mechanic friends fix for much cheaper? Also the light went out later that day but is now back on 5 days later. I feel like since I was a woman they were trying to add up cost they also quoted me prices for 5 other things that I know were way over priced.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  ND-TECH replied 5 years ago.
Well if they are just saying its the manifold tuning valve actuator on the side of the intake manifold then yes this is not complicate to replace but is a little tight to get to. If your mechanic feels comfortable then yes they can do it. But if they are saying the whole intake manifold needs to be replaced because the valve inside is broken then i would let the dealer do this as it is complicate to remove the whole intake manifold on your vehicle.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It is just the tuning valve, do you know if the part is very expensive?

Expert:  ND-TECH replied 5 years ago.

The part is about 100 dollars but that varies depending on the place you buy it from.